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Support the Studio

Thank you for visiting this page and for wanting to support the studio! We really appreciate everyone's support as it really does make a difference. There are lots of ways to support the studio - both with or without money! 

Supporting the Studio Without Money:​

Supporting the Studio With Money:​

  • Commission us for a project - Commission information is located here and we'd love to paint a piece for your army or display cabinet.

  • Become a Patron - Becoming a patron at unlocks all of our in-depth tutorial content, behind the scenes looks at tutorial and competition pieces, and even has an opportunity to pick up some studio swag! Our patrons make these possible and we thank and appreciate every patron.​​

  • Subscribe on Twitch - Subscribing to unlocks our channel's emotes as well as some Discord perks and access to our Sub Only streams! Come join our community!

  • Use our affiliate links (below) - By buying hobby supplies through these affiliate and sponsor links a portion of these sales come back to support the studio. 

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